Field & Forage is Cascade Organic’s unique CSA program. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture – an excellent way to get the absolute freshest locally grown organic produce for you and your family at a great price while helping local farmers and foragers to thrive.

Our CSA combines both organically-grown fruits and vegetables with the exciting addition of wild foraged edibles harvested at their seasonal peak. We also include some of our favorite, seasonally-selected microgreen blends with each box – an easy way to add texture, flavor and nutrition to all your meals.

But that’s not all that makes Field & Forage unique amongst CSA programs. We are proud to offer the option to receive sustainable, wild-caught fish with your delivery! Through our partnership with local native tribes we procure the freshest, most nutrient rich and delicious fish on the planet and package it in convenient, easy-to-use portions.

There are many more surprises in store with each new package from Field & Forage!




What makes CSA programs so good for you, our communities, and the world?

By fostering a direct relationship between farmers and the people they feed, we remove the middlemen and create a special bond. When you open a box of Field & Forage produce, you can feel the care and respect that the farmer practiced in bringing each item to your plate. Our produce comes from people who love what they do and you will become an intergal part of that process with your decision to support local farmers.

Our locally grown, seasonal, organic produce stands head and shoulders above fruits and vegetables that have traveled thousands of miles, been grown in poor conditions and ripened with artificial methods.


Field & Forage allows customers to experience wild foraged edibles alongside the usual fruits and vegetables offered by the typical CSA.

What’s so special about wild nutrition?

Eating wildly foraged goods is humanities oldest food tradition. Before the cultivation of produce, our ancestors foraged for sustenance and found that nature offered a perfect bounty of nutrient-rich food at their feet. By tapping into this heritage in the modern day, we can feel more energized and vital as our bodies thrive on the broad spectrum and macro, micro and phyto nutrients that these wild goods are full of.

Foraged goods are also unique and absolutely delicious. With Field & Forage’s boxes you will experience a versatile array of locally harvested fare from wild huckleberries to morel mushrooms to edible flowers that will delight your friends and family and inspire your culinary creativity.

At Field & Forage we are also committed to making our products simple to prepare! We take great care to clean and process our wild goods as well as including recipe and usage ideas to kick start your creative process.

Get ready to explore a wilderness of food!